Cellular Signal Booster

"No network coverage" was the second if not the most dreaded notification for most people before the cell signal booster era. With the rate at which people rely on their phones for almost everything, spotty or no network wireless coverage, can be very frustrating since it leads to:

  • Dropped calls
  • Slow internet
  • Poor voice quality
  • Unsent texts and emails
  • Pages loading for days

What is even more frustrating is having bad signal reception inside your building and having full signal strength immediately once you exit the door. This is a common problem in many buildings caused by a number of reasons but mostly the building material.

So what does this mean? Do you take down the whole building and start all over again? What if we told you all these problems can be fixed by the use of a cell signal booster?

Good network coverage is necessary for every business and organization. That is why in 2001 In-Building Cellular was formed to help offer commercial signal booster solutions. We deliver customized turnkey carrier carriage-grade and FFC approved wireless coverage solutions that best suit your business.

How does it work?

Since your employees cannot operate without network coverage, In-Building Cellular uses wireless cellular phone boosters to get rid of poor reception problems in your buildings, improving productivity and maintaining a stable connection. A cellular booster generally adds power to the reception. In fact, what the cellular booster does is taking the existing cell signal around your building, amplifies it and rebroadcasts it to the areas with weak or no cell reception.

Why choose us?

At In-Building, we are dedicated to providing you with a strong reliable signal with great cellular service. We work with the best carriers and equipment manufacturers to ensure you receive the best services for the best price. Our employees who are highly trained with years of operational experience to help you secure better connections. Some of our services include:

Many wireless carriers are unable to supply reliable cellular services in many buildings. So, contact us today and say goodbye to inconsistent connectivity around your building.

 What Is DAS?

Distributed Antenna Systems

DAS installation involves placing multiple antennae at strategic locations throughout a facility. This decreases the number of dead zones and increases cellular signal strength. DAS systems are more often than not going to be placed in large buildings or structures like arenas. Distributed Antenna Systems are reliable when it comes to cellular signal strength.