Does your company have poor indoor communications?

Commercial Cellular Service, In-Building Cellular Similar to electricity, plumbing, HVAC and local area networks; indoor cellular distributed antenna systems (DAS) are a required business utility. The business benefits are more and more magnified every day and the business case is clear but reliable in-building cellular coverage is not. Due to location, energy-efficient construction, e-glass windows, and coverage gaps, your building may not have the cellular coverage that it needs.

Building owners, architects, IT, COOs, CIOs, business executives, and facility managers; In-Building Cellular can help!

We can work with your OPEX and CAPEX budgets to provide the benefits of in-building wireless solutions which include employee productivity, improved morale, customer satisfaction, and profits.

We can work with your application and design a wireless system that covers the entire building/campus, departments or public spaces.  In-Building Cellular can design and provide a multi-carrier neutral host system or a single carrier solution.  We can work with the local police and fire department to provide a public safety system.  We will listen and provide a turn-key in-building DAS solution that is FCC compliant.

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 What Is DAS?

Distributed Antenna Systems

DAS installation involves placing multiple antennae at strategic locations throughout a facility. This decreases the number of dead zones and increases cellular signal strength. DAS systems are more often than not going to be placed in large buildings or structures like arenas. Distributed Antenna Systems are reliable when it comes to cellular signal strength.