Commercial Cellular Solutions 

The use of cellular phones for business is critical in the current commercial market. Between business calls and smartphone usage, no commercial undertaking can afford to have poor cellular signals in or near their buildings or campus. Maintaining consistent cellular signals requires commercial cellular services that are customized to the needs of your commercial property and business. For the best cellular solutions for commercial enterprises, there is no better company than In-Building Cellular.

Challenges of Commercial Cellular Services

Commercial buildings, even more than residential buildings, are not friendly environments for strong cellular signals. They are increasingly built of materials that disrupt cellular signals, creating spotty reception or even coverage gaps. These disruptions can't be fixed simply by upgrading to a better service plan.

In-Building Cellular offers a variety of solutions for cellular disruption in or near your commercial buildings or campus. We can design a wireless system that covers your entire building or campus, ensuring that there are no gaps in coverage and no areas of weak reception. Depending on the needs of your business, this system can either be carrier-neutral or linked to a single, specific carrier. Whatever you choose, your employees will have the coverage they need in order to perform regular business operations without any interruptions.

Get Improved Cellular Service Today

If you have noticed any locations on your commercial campus or in your commercial buildings where cellular signals break up, don't wait another day to upgrade the wireless capabilities of your commercial enterprise. Upgrading the infrastructure of your commercial wireless is quick, hassle-free, and competitively priced when you let In-Building Cellular improve your system. Contact our friendly customer service staff today to schedule installation of cellular solutions for your commercial enterprise that will ensure your business experiences full coverage at all times.

 What Is DAS?

Distributed Antenna Systems

DAS installation involves placing multiple antennae at strategic locations throughout a facility. This decreases the number of dead zones and increases cellular signal strength. DAS systems are more often than not going to be placed in large buildings or structures like arenas. Distributed Antenna Systems are reliable when it comes to cellular signal strength.