Our Cellular Signal Solutions

In-Building Cellular delivers in-building wireless coverage solutions suited to the many needs of today's businesses and organizations. We offer many cellular signal solutions that can be tailored to your specifications and code requirements. 

  • Distributed Antenna Systems: The DAS Installation involves multiple antennae overlapping, causing the signal to come from multiple sources and is less likely to be disrupted or weakened by passing through various structures
  • Enterprise Solutions: Similar to electricity, plumbing, HVAC and local area networks; indoor cellular distributed antenna systems (DAS) are a required business utility. The business benefits are more and more magnified every day.
  • Public Safety Solutions: Either on a college campus or at a public sporting venue and it is imperative that the security staff and the local police and fire have the ability to communicate seamlessly using the in building public safety DAS system in case of an emergency.
  • Campus Connectivity: Our In-Building Cellular specialists offer solutions that increase coverage for any form of wireless communication on your campus.

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There are several important factors that go into designing a sustainable wireless solution for an entire building, including the design, compliance, and deployment of the service. As solutions integrators, we maintain a non-biased position among carriers and equipment manufacturers. Above all, we only work with the best-branded equipment for the job.

All In-Building Cellular employees are trained and extensively in wireless and operational experience. We provide our own training in consulting, engineering design, equipment deployment, 3G to 4G LTE / 5G upgrades, carrier relations, construction services, and maintenance.

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 What Is DAS?

Distributed Antenna Systems

DAS installation involves placing multiple antennae at strategic locations throughout a facility. This decreases the number of dead zones and increases cellular signal strength. DAS systems are more often than not going to be placed in large buildings or structures like arenas. Distributed Antenna Systems are reliable when it comes to cellular signal strength.