About In-Building Cellular

Industry research shows that up to 80% of cellular communications are initiated indoors and most buildings are under 90,000 square feet.

Based in the Boston, MA area, In-Building Cellular was formed in 2001 by wireless industry executives to fill the demand left by wireless carriers' inability to supply reliable usable cellular service in many buildings.

Commercial Wireless Solutions

Our mission is simple: to bring our clients turnkey wireless solutions that are easy, affordable, and FCC/Carrier compliant, while working with the best in brand suppliers and understanding today’s budget restraints. We understand that there are many complexities regarding design, compliance, and deployment and it is our goal to take the stress from your desk to ours.

We require our employees to have the best training and extensive wireless and operational experience. In-Building Cellular provides consulting, engineering design, DAS solutions, equipment deployment, 3G to 4G LTE / 5G upgrades, carrier relations, construction services, and maintenance.

Cellular Service For You

As solutions integrators, we maintain a neutral position among the carriers and equipment manufacturers. Therefore, we’re able to supply our customers with the best in building solutions for any venue, big or small, in any industry.

 What Is DAS?

Distributed Antenna Systems

DAS installation involves placing multiple antennae at strategic locations throughout a facility. This decreases the number of dead zones and increases cellular signal strength. DAS systems are more often than not going to be placed in large buildings or structures like arenas. Distributed Antenna Systems are reliable when it comes to cellular signal strength.