DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems) For MEdical Buildings

Patients in medical buildings are in need of the best service possible from medical providers where shifts can be long and difficult. In the rapidly advancing world of technology, keeping a hospital or medical office’s communication network operating efficiently will help prevent unnecessary roadblocks in day to day operations. Consider DAS installation and help your staff to stay connected with less communication roadblocks so they can focus their energy one their patients.

We are not limited to setting up DAS’s in a single building. We can create whole systems that span across an entire medical campus covering multiple buildings. Because hospitals and medical campuses can be so large with lots of materials for signals to try to push through, optimizing connectivity a distributed antenna system will provide:

Distributed Antenna System Installation and Solutions

  • Improved on-site networking
  • Better control of bandwidth
  • Provides connection access to unwired areas
  • Reliable in-building cellphone coverage
  • Fewer "dead zones"
  • More satisfied doctors, nurses, receptionists, and patients

We encourage you to meet with us so we can discuss the next steps in optimizing your hospital/medical center’s communications network. Rely on In-Building Cellular to help you keep up with the ever-changing and rapidly growing world of technology!

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