DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems) For Hospitality

It is almost unheard of to have a hospitality building without the internet unless you are in a completely remote location and it is part of the experience. Traveling customers may need a strong connection for communication, business, or simply for their own entertainment. Customers will often choose between competing hotels, hostiles, and motels based on reviews. Though this is not always the only factor, it can be a major factor. One disgruntled customer after a long day of traveling may leave a bad review if they are unable to have a solid internet connection, thus, hurting your overall rating.

Even if your lodging campus has several buildings or covers a large area, we will set up a network that is fast and reliable. We can equip your buildings with indoor connectivity and connections for an outdoor environment. Your guests will have an excellent connection anywhere on the premises, providing them an excellent service.

Benefits of DAS Include:

Distributed Antenna System Installation and Solutions

  • Improved on-site networking
  • Better control of bandwidth
  • Provides connection access to unwired areas
  • Reliable in-building cellphone coverage
  • Fewer "dead zones"
  • More satisfied employees, and guests

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