Campus Connectivity Means a Connected Community

University Cellular Solutions, In-Building Cellular In Building Cellular understands of the campus dynamic. Safety and communication are essential at any college or university.  Students, faculty, and staff need to be in contact with each other no matter what. Our In-Building Cellular specialists offer solutions that increase coverage for any form of wireless communication on your campus.

We offer a range of options. From in-building coverage for a small office with a single carrier to an entire campus-wide cellular solution, we make sure you have a strong, constant connection to keep the entire campus safe and in touch.

As we become more tech-driven, cutting-edge technology is a draw for students and faculty alike. With a campus wireless solution designed and maintained by In-Building Cellular, colleges and universities can improve reception for all facilities, increase public safety and gain that all-important competitive tech edge.

We’ve installed optical DAS solutions (Distributed Antenna Systems) for many corporate headquarters, pharmaceutical companies and colleges across the U.S. We will custom design, install and commission a system with the need for public safety, 4G LTE bandwidth, and voice communication and with your budget in mind.

  • Increase campus safety and ensure emergency notification and lock down are reaching wireless devices
  • Provide more efficient facilities management solutions
  • Give students and faculty the flexibility to conduct work with anywhere, anytime access to campus resources
  • Provide better support by fostering a more collaborative and creative learning environment
  • Provide network access to locations where wiring is nearly impossible, like older buildings or structures
  • Manage and support multiple users with optimal security and control
  • Provide seamless integration with existing wired networks and services across the campus through our DAS solutions
  • Stay in control of bandwidth and security policies while providing open access to the Internet and other services

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